Eating Chocolate
Making Coffee
Bakeware (yes, embarrassing) and baking anything and everything
Buying and wearing and ogling Winter Boots

I'm originally from Sussex in the UK and was born in Brighton - a once rather grand Victorian seaside town where the well-heeled would take their summer holidays.

My childhood was carefree. Between the ages of three and eight our family began commuting between England and Africa, where my father was working. In high school I had a pretty easy time of it at the Hove County Grammar School for Girls - capable at sport and a happy average at studies, I never did anything particularly extraordinary.

I joined a small but terrific PR firm in London but the travel bug had already bitten me in those formulative years and by 19 I had accepted a job in Paris and a year later journeyed to Australia and never returned to England other than for work. I forged a fun career in travel and 18 years ago my husband and I set up our own travel magazine but I gave up that business to focus on full time writing and these days I write across various genres but adult fantasy will always be a joy for me to write. I presently have four epic medieval style series selling around the world, I'm writing children's fantasy too and I'm now on a new path of writing standalone volumes for adult readers of fantasy.

I host regular fiction writing workshops with a view to kickstarting all those talented writers out there who just need some impetus to get themselves going.

I live in South Australia with my family but do most of my writing from the cool serenity of Tasmania.

Fiona McIntosh