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This is my latest series, all volumes out now in the English-speaking markets and gradually moving into translation with France leading the way with hard and paperback versions.

An epic story of a royal dynasty in turmoil but in possession of a powerful and most mysterious magic that nobody fully understands and its men want … but its women hold the secret to. A brutal struggle for rulership ensues when the Valisar crown is savagely usurped by invaders looking to create a new empire. Old alliances shift, new bargains must be made, enemies must work together but no one is truly who they seem to be.



Children’s standalone fantasy for middle readers who want a big, strong adventure. Griff works in a circus and while he hates the fact that he can drop in on people’s thoughts, there’s one insistent voice calling to him. There’s Lute, the royal heir but his father’s hold on the throne is under threat and Lute must go on the run to protect the Crown. And there’s Tess who is running away from everyone but she has the creatures of the Night Forest to protect and Master Tyren’s Travelling Show wants to imprison them and make money from them.

An exciting romp with a lively and colourful cast from a bitter, tattooed outlaw who has been magically changed into a dwarf, to a pipe-smoking, grumpy pirate called Calico Grace, and even a young and brave centaur with special powers.

Just the sort of book I wanted to read when I was about eleven...and why I wrote it.


This is the new trilogy that was launched for Christmas 2005 in Australia/New Zealand with book one, 'Odalisque'. This was followed by Emissary in 2006 and Goddess hits shelves in time for Christmas 2008!

ODALISQUE - Fiona takes readers to a far more exotic location of a harem in the great Stone Palace of Percheron where a new Zar is establishing himself and the political figures who roam the hallowed halls jostle for his patronage, not the least of which is his scheming mother, the new Valide. His only genuine friends and true loyalists of Percheron is the Zar's mad jester - Pez, Spur Lazar - head of Percheron's security and a golden beauty - a new odalisque purchased in the foothills as a slave for the harem. And bristling around the political manoeuvrings is a sinister cyclical event which heralds its arrival with the mysterious rising of Iridor, who will spark a battle between ancient gods.

This is a story laced with Fiona' s favourite themes - forbidden love, treachery, betrayal and possession.

The series has been sold into the USA and UK (and associated markets). Publications dates are not available yet but the earliest for overseas publication is likely to be mid 2007.


What they're saying about Percheron
Well, I got a few Fantasy books this month and despite George RR Martins latest I think I was more taken by Fiona McIntosh's ‘Odalisque' book 1 of Percheron. After two trilogies I think I can comfortably say that Fiona has come of age as a writer. Odalisque is a superb journey through a world punctuated with the smells and sounds of the Middle East and highlighted by lives so real that the pages bleed with passion. The pace of this book is a little slower (not by much) than her previous books and I found myself enjoying the extra time to absorb the world around our often desperate heroes and villains. Fiona McIntosh has leapt up there with the magnitude of Douglass and the inventiveness of Fallon. If you are looking for that Christmas gift that will bring more than a nice smile of thanks then Odalisque has to be it. Why? Think of Harems, Evil mother seeking control over Kingly sons, a dwarf (always a dwarf) and the unquestionable skills of the mighty and darkly mysterious warrior ‘The Spur' Robert Stephenson

emissary by fiona mcintoshEMISSARY - Fiona continues the story of Ana and Lazar with the confrontation between the demigod Iridor, and the demon Maliz spiraling towards the ruin of the beautiful city's future. Yet all the while an all too earthly threat looms in the form of Percheron's centuries–old rival, Galinsea. The threat of war may only be thwarted by a man with a dark secret and an odalisque facing execution...

To avert bloodshed, an emissary must be sent to the enemy's capital in a goodwill gesture, but no one could foresee the danger of the Nizari Assassins in their desert fortress, or their charismatic leader, who has his own plans to deliver salvation to Percheron.

goddess by fiona mcintoshGODDESS - Fiona concludes her exotic tale of intrigue with the third Percheron tome delivering ever more intrigue as the Zar of Percheron, Zar Boaz, prepares for the imminent arrival of the Galinsean war fleet while Lazar travels back to the desert to rescue the abducted Ana, instead of taking part in the delicate negotiations with the Galinseans. Ana, surrounded by fanatical followers of the scheming Arafanz, wonders how she can survive.

All the while, Pez locks wills with the malevolent Grand Vizier Tariq... which could render the Galinsean situation a mere backdrop to a far greater conflict.


The Quickening

It is the tale of Wyl Thirsk, the young general of the Morgravian Legion and the frighteningly strange turns his life takes when he is inadvertently touched by magic.

"It's a 'just one more chapter' sort of book.
don't start reading Myrren's Gift in the evening
if you have to get up early the next morning"
- Robin Hobb

"Fiona McIntosh is a seductress. I have not
moved from the sofa for three days ..."
- Sydney Morning Herald

"Fiona McIntosh is a bold new voice in high fantasy..., vivid detail, engrossing characters and their dark doings, all beautifully written. I was enthralled from page one. "
- Lynn Flewelling, author of The Bone Doll's Twin

The epic struggle of Orlac, a powerful god, determined to avenge himself on the unsuspecting Tallinor, a kingdom he blames for his fall from grace. Only a simple scribe, Torkyn Gynt, can prevent the destruction.

No one but the mysterious Merkhud understands who Gynt is and why he can wield frightening magics, the likes of which Tallinor has not witnessed in many centuries. And only Merkhud knows why the 10-strong Paladin, an ancient assembly of enchanted figures, are beginning to re-emerge in the Heartwood.

He alone grasps the mystifying importance of Alyssa Qyn and why, without her, the much sought Trinity will never be found.



Robin Hobb - fantasy author

Fiona McIntosh wastes neither time nor words in Betrayal. From the very first page, the wide cast of characters provides a variety of viewpoints on action that whisks through the plot like an arrow speeding to its target. The style is straightforward, the pace headlong and the characters are unabashedly larger than life.

Sara Douglas - Australia's best loved fantasy author
Betrayal is a book for lovers of traditional fantasy, a fast-paced tale of forbidden love and magic.

Phillip Knowles, Good Reading
..leaving the reader with a fantasy debut as good as Sara Douglass', if not better.

Bryce Courtenay - best selling author worldwide
My prophesy is that Fiona McIntosh will enter the fantasy fiction universe like a blazing meteorite.

Chris Brice, Books Editor, The Adelaide Advertiser
...a rattling good adventure that fulfils all the requirements of fantasy.

Robert Stephenson, Editor, Altair
Fiona has delivered a traditional fantasy tale that has more guts and gusto than many that hold that claim. This is a pacey read. The potential with the Trinity series is high and expansive, I will be watching these books with great interest.

Nan Berrett, The Northern Argus
The shocking ending of book one leaves the reader anxiously waiting to know more ... Strong and interesting characters and a story which keeps the reader guessing, Betrayal is an enjoyable and fast paced read, full of magic and destruction - who could ask for more.



Rob Stephenson, Editor - Altair Magazine
Good, good, good. From the opening chapter to the very last word Fiona has the reader (this reader) sitting up savouring every scene, every character and every moment of this story. Tor lives but can he regain the love of his old life, who thinks him long dead? Tor must confront his enemy Goth in a battle to the death and can Alyssa forgive the man who ordered her husband's death? All the while a new threat is building beneath them, a new nemesis to confront in order to save the Trinity. Such is the pace of this second book in the Trinity series I had to pause and catch my breath. 'Betrayal' might have been Fiona's first book but 'Revenge', (only her second published book), has her standing out amongst the best in Australian Fantasy.

Orb Speculative Fiction - Double Issue #3 & 4 $19.95
Fiona McIntosh's stories are a pleasure to read. She does not overload the reader with superfluous plots or characters and presents a tightly written and flowing story, which will keep you coming back for more.


Altair Magazine
Slick, hard and dark fantasy at its blistering best. Fiona delivers a book that is destined to become a bench mark for future writers. Destiny ends the Trinity series, not with a gentle winddown, or stylish layering of future ideas but with a punch in the guts and a slap in the face. I wanted to see if Fiona could write hard and dirty and she can, and by all means she can do it damn well. Yes we still have the love interests from the first two books, yes the baddies are still bad, but the story line is crisp and crackling with explosive power. I asked to see a Fantasy book that could compete with the best the US/UK has to offer, well this is something to wake me up to Australian Fantasy. Well done Fiona, now come on you readers, when this one hits the stands make sure it hits your hands.

Fiona McIntosh