I am now travelling far and wide for my fantasy work and whereas in previous years I’ve been able to give you a glimpse into all my travels, it’s hard keeping up with amount of information I was setting myself up to provide! Forgive. In order to keep the information current for you I’m going to simplify and only talk about forthcoming trips. If you want a full rundown on Travel, please visit my main website at: http://www.fionamcintosh.com

For my next adult fantasy I will be visiting France, Austria and Poland. I’ll give you an update on all that I saw when I return mid year 2011.

The novel will start in Paris – a city I go back to most years to meet with readers as I have wonderful and very supportive reader-base in all the French markets. Plus I adore Paris and have always wanted to kick off a fantasy tale here.

The most recent series, Valisar, was inspired by a visit to Wales and would you believe, Cyprus. Don’t ask me why. There’s no rhyme or reason for it but in both places I just felt the stirrings of the story.

Next year I hope to return to Turkey – a favourite destination that always inspires and Istanbul is, of course, the landscape for my third series of Percheron, based on its olde world Constantinople of the Ottoman era.

The Quickening was definitely given a lift by visits into Germany – Ravensburg, Dresden, Meissen and particularly Prague.
Trinity, my first series, really just came out of my imagination and was based on my memories of growing up in the UK and the rural landscape surrounding the town I grew up in.

Recent wanderings for books have taken me to Cornwall in Britain, Bangalore in southern India, Venice in Italy, Provence in France, Lausanne in Switzerland, Brussels in Belgium and London.

Fiona McIntosh